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We provide office technology solutions.

Print Management Solutions

Managing printer fleets, break/fix, monitoring supply levels and automatically replenishing supplies so the client doesn’t have to, its like someone gassing up your car and changing the oil without you having to watch the needle or check the little mileage sticker in the windshield.

Document Management Solutions

The creation, indexing, storing, organizing and retrieving of Documents both digital and paper. A “smart Digital filing cabinet” for lack of a better term.

Managed Voice/VOIP/Phone

Systems/Unified Communications

All these terms mean the same thing. These are software driven systems that use internet protocol to route phone calls, use SMS from a business line etc. They are feature rich and very scalable customizable systems beyond just call and voicemail. Menus and directories are easily changed and adjusted from a cloud portal.





Document Finishing Solutions

Cutters, creasers, folders, envelope stuffers/sealers, booklet makers anything that manipulates paper after it been printed on. This section mostly pertains to Print shops, production print houses, or large companies with internal print shops/mail rooms.

Document Destruction 


Shredders, its shredders! While it may be more convenient to use a shredding company its WAY less secure, especially in emergency services and medical when you have HIPAA information.


We're an independent personalized company, and can cater to any of your office tech & supply needs, from small to large corporate.


We've got Everything & Anything.

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